Gordon Giltrap teams up with Guitar Practiced Perfectly

Gordon GiltrapWe are delighted to announce that respected acoustic & electric guitarist Gordon Giltrap has joined the Guitar Practiced Perfectly team as product ambassador.

Gordon brings a wealth of experience to the team and will help to make our product the ultimate in guitar software.

On joining the team, Gordon says:

“I’m so proud to be an ambassador for this amazing guitar software. If only this sort of facility had been around when I started out as a fledgling 12 year old kid from Deptford, who knows what the outcome would have been? I may have even become famous!

Seriously though: This is an amazing and user friendly teaching tool that allows the individual player to progress at his or her own pace without putting unnecessary pressure on the student or advanced player. This software of ours will grow and grow organically over the coming years and will encompass pretty much all aspects of not only my guitar style but will cover all aspects of steel string guitar technique.

It has long been my desire to pass on my knowledge as a self taught musician to the world at large and find a home for my own personal (and growing) body of work, and to share this work with whoever desires to seek it out. This software along with the fine guitars that I have had the privilege to put my name to will become another part of my legacy.

Come and join me and GUITAR PRACTICED PERFECTLY’S author Scott Adams, and be a part of the growing brotherhood and sisterhood of guitar pickers worldwide!”


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