Layla by Eric Clapton – Guitar Riffs for Beginners

Learn how to play the classic rock intro to Layla, played originally Eric Clapton

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We’re going to be looking at (Eric Claption’s) Layla’s opening rhythm guitar part today. This is for Guitar Practice Perfectly. I’m going to play it through then we’ll discuss how you should play it.

Ok, so it’s a mixture of single notes and chords. I’m starting out on the open A string … and I’m going to hammer to the 3rd fret of that string, so that’s your 5th string.

The next two notes are the same but on the D string …

Now pull off from that 3rd fret to the open D – ok, so you should have this …

What we’re going to do next is return to the A string, 3rd fret … and then immediately play the open D.

So there’s the classic Layla single note intro …

Now we need to look at the chords involved.

Nice and straight forward, there are 5 chords. For more on power chords or 5 chords, check out Guitar Practice Perfectly software.

I’m going to play D5 … C5 … and then I’m going to play A#5 …

So that’s your 1st finger on fret 5 of the A string, and your little finger on fret 7 of the D, that will give you D5 … to move down to C5 move your shape down 2 frets on the same 2 strings … and then move the same shape down to form A#5, another 2 frets.

So once you’ve got that shape, simply move along the strings in 2 frets increments.

Once you get down to A#5, move your 1st finger and play the open A string …

I find it quite useful to pull off to that note …

3rd finger then grabs the bottom E string at fret 3 …

Ok that’s another single note, back to C5, play the chord that we played previously, pull off to open A, and then grab that 3rd fret on the bottom E.

The riff finishes back at D5.

Thanks for checking out Guitar Practice Perfectly’s Layla and I’ll see you for another video.

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